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PROFILEChung Serang

Chung Serang (b. 1984) debuted in 2010 with the story “Dream, Dream, Dream” in the SF fantasy magazine Fantastique. Her first novel, Show Me Your Snaggletooth, incorporated stories ranging from science fiction to the historical. Her second novel, Hana from Earth, was an ecological SF love story. She received the Changbi Prize in Fiction in 2013 for As Close as This and the Hankook Ilbo Literary Award in 2017 for Fifty People. Her other popular works include Jaein, Jaewook, Jaehoon, a story about three siblings with minor superpowers, and School Nurse Ahn Eunyoung, a story about a school nurse who performs exorcisms. Her latest novel, From Sisun, comes out in June 2020. She has also published two short collections: See You on the Rooftop and I’ll Give You My Voice. As Close as This (CUON, 2015) and Fifty People (Akishobo, 2018) have been translated into Japanese. School Nurse Ahn Eunyoung has been published in Japan (Akishobo, 2020) and Taiwan (The Commercial Press, 2020), and is set to air as a Netflix Korea Original, titled The School Nurse Files, in 2020.




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