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Vol.56 Summer 2022


KLN has undergone several changes this summer. The Featured Writer section now consists of the writer’s interview, their work (a short story or poems), and an essay on the writer. Kim Seung-hee, a doyen of Korean poetry, graces this issue’s pages. The Special Section, which explored a specific theme in Korean literature using excerpts from different works, is now replaced with the Cover Feature where we carry long-form essays that explore the theme in detail. This issue’s theme is the polarization in society as seen through real estate narratives in Korean literature. You will now be able to read stories in full instead of having to visit our website to read the rest, because we have expanded the Bookmark section to include the entire text of stories. This issue has short stories by Mella Kim and Jung Jidon and poems by Heo Yeon and Eugene Mok. Inkstone will now carry a work of classical Korean literature instead of the essays we used to feature previously. We hope you will enjoy this new version of KLN. Please write to us with your feedback at koreanlitnow@klti.or.kr.

— Editor-in-Chief

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