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Love 5 (Wedding Love)

by Kim Seung-hee June 19, 2018

Love 5

  • Minumsa
  • 2000

Kim Seung-hee

Kim Seung-hee is a critically acclaimed poet and professor emerita of Korean literature at Sogang University. Her life as a poet began in 1973 when she won the annual contest for new writers held by Kyunghyang Shinmun. In a career spanning almost fifty years, she has published eleven volumes of poetry in addition to two volumes of fiction. Her accolades include the Sowol Poetry Prize (1991), ARCO’s Artist of the Year Award for poetry (2006), and the Cheongma Literature Prize (2021). She received the 2021 Manhae Prize for Literature for her latest collection, The Truthful Human of Pickled Radish and Bacon (Changbi, 2021). Recent collections of her poetry in English translation include Walking on a Washing Line (Cornell East Asia Series, 2011) and Hope is Lonely (Arc Publications, 2021)

A priest waves the eucharist as he passes
Followed by a soldier wielding a sword
Imperialism begins this way, they say

A bride waves her bouquet as she passes
Followed by a groom in white gloves
Weddings end this way, they say

In every wedding there’s a white-gloved
Is there not? 


Translated by Anton Hur


I’ll Catch it This Time © Cho Jang Eun


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